Download App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.2 [Pro] – Android Applications

App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.2 [Pro] – Android Applications

EX Kernel Manager v3.50 [Mod Lite]
Required: 4.2 +
Overview: EX Kernel Manager (EXKM) is the ultimate performance tuning tool, maximizing battery life, tweaking color, audio, gestures and other core settings . EXKM gives you total control over your premium hardware features and a beautifully optimized material design user interface.

*** Your device must be ROOTED to fully use this program

*** Universal! Compatible with all kernels and all appliances.

*** Works with stock kernel, but some advanced features like wake-up, color and sound settings require a personal kernel

ElementalX Personalized Core Available for the Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One m7 / m8 / m9, HTC 10, HTC U11 , OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3/3, Moto G4 / G4 Plus, Moto G5 Plus, Moto Z and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Choose from dark, light, black, pink and paper materials Design themes!

Includes instantaneous power save mode and display mode. Including widgets and quickset tiles (on Nougat)

Dashboard: View your home page in the app, Dashboard as your current settings, and show real-time CPU and GPU frequencies, temperatures, memory usage, uptime, deep sleep, battery level and temperature, drivers, and i / o settings.

Battery Monitor: The most accurate way to measure battery life. EXKM's Battery Monitor is designed to show battery statistics that you can use to scientifically improve battery life. EXKM Battery Monitor measures% battery usage per hour and displays separate screen shutter (available drainage) and screen (active drainage). It automatically measures only when the battery is discharged, so you should never remember to restore the statistics or create markers.

Script Manager: Easy Create, Share, Edit, Execute and Test Track Scripts (Requires SuperSU or Magic)

CPU Settings: Create, share and load CPU driver profiles for maximum battery life. Adjust maximum frequency, low frequency, CPU governor, CPU boost, hotplugging, thermal and voltage (if supported by kernel or hardware)

Graphic Settings: Max Frequency, Fewer Frequency, GPU Governor and more.

Advanced color management: RGB controls, saturation, value, contrast and color, Save, load and share custom profiles. (requires core support, most custom kernels for Qualcomm devices implement this driver)

Wake Gestures: sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2leep, haptic feedback, camera gesture, wake timeout and more (requires core support). Asus ZenFone 2 gestures are fully supported.

Custom User Settings: This feature allows you to add any kernel setting you want. Core settings are in the / proc and / sys directories. Simply navigate to the desired path and you can quickly and easily add the environment to the app, where it can be changed on the fly or used by the boat. Plus, you can easily import and export your personal settings and share with other users.

Memory settings: Apply zRAM, KSM, lowmemory killer and virtual memory settings

Sound Control: Adjust the speaker, headphone and microphone. Supports elementalx, fauxsound, fanco sound management, and others (requires core support).

CPU Times: Display CPU Frequency Usage and Deep Sleep, and Optionally Sort according to Frequently Used Frequencies.

Update or install ElementalX: Get notifications and install ElementalX kernel on your Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One m7, HTC One M8, HTC One M9, HTC 10 and OnePlus 3.

Flash and Backup: save and restore kernel and restore backups

Many other settings: i / o scheduler, readahead kb, fsync, zRAM, KSM, USB fastcharge, TCP congestion algorithm, last kernel log, magnetic cover control, memory settings, entropy settings, Vox Populi and more!

Other Features: Configurable, One Click Power Saving and Performance modes, CPU Temperature Notification, Language Picker, Theme Picker, Auto Power Save and more!


-breaking speaker profits on devices without speaker support
fix update on Android P Preview 2
-fix Russian language length on dashboard
-fix kernel Do not display backup
]] -update translations
-bug fixes

★★★ MOD Lite ★★★
Optimized graphics and cleaned sources for fast freight <improved result (2.85 MB total apk size);
Encrypt all sources;
Languages: En, Ru.

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App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.2 [Pro] – Android Applications
App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.2 [Pro] – Android Applications

Download TheMovieDB – The Best Entertainment App v1.2.4 [Ad-Free] – Android Applications

TheMovieDB – The Best Entertainment App v1.2.4 [Ad-Free] – Android Applications

9GAG v6.17.10r9242-cb34147ba [Pro]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: 9GAG has the best funny pictures, GIF's, videos, memes, cute, wtf , geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and cruelty.

★★★★★ THE BEST APP to Ever Have Fun!
9GAG makes you happy and happy every single minute.

By downloading 9GAG to your mobile phone, you can access millions of funny pictures, response GIFs, WTF, games (Overwatch, Pokémon GO – Team Instinct, Team Valor & Team Mystic, League of Legends, GTA) manga (One Piece, Naruto, Gintama), Movie and TV (The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), cosplay, cute animals, dogs and cats, memes … and viral videos if you do not have anything .

What you can find on 9GAG:

1. Millions of funny pictures, failed image, response GIF, WTF picture, games (Oorwatch, Pokémon GO, League of Legends, GTA), anime & manga (One Piece, Naruto, Gintama) TV (The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), cosplay, cute animals, dogs and cats, memes … Update every minute!
2. Unstoppable, hilarious videos, upvote or downvote them!
3. Great community with comments that will definitely crack you.
4. A tap to share the fun on imgur, reddit, ifunny, thechive, tumblr, fml, tumblr, twitter and many more communities!

3 reasons you need 9GAG:

1. Lol. Life is all about being happy? 9GAG offers tons of joy that makes you smile. You will definitely fall in love with 9GAG.
2. Lol with your friends. You will be happier if you are lucky with them. (A tap to share the fun on imgur, reddit, ifunny, thechive, tumblr, fml, tumblr, twitter and many more communities!)
3. Life is easy. Take a break. Check out 9GAG.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Please report mistakes or make suggestions to us. Let's make 9GAG a better community!
E-mail: [email protected]


– Fixed crashing on 4.x and 8.x device

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Download Instructions: Unlock PRO features

TheMovieDB – The Best Entertainment App v1.2.4 [Ad-Free] – Android Applications
TheMovieDB – The Best Entertainment App v1.2.4 [Ad-Free] – Android Applications

Download App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.1 [Pro] – Android Applications

App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.1 [Pro] – Android Applications

Google Play Store v10.0.07-all [0] [PR] 195769313 [Mod Lite]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Play everywhere, all your entertainment in one place, Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. .

Verizon Wireless Home Phone Indicates Attorneys Credit Card Payment Rental Car Accidents Sprint Mobile Phones Fitness Workout

Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. With over 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books and thousands of movies, Google Play has something for everyone. Before deciding what you want, try a free music or book, see app ratings, reviews, and screenshots, or watch a movie fan. Google Play is a more committed, powerful experience.

The power of the cloud
How cool would it be if your entertainment was only available? Now it is. Buy a book on your Android phone and read it on the web at Buy a new album on your Android tablet and listen to it on your desktop at work. Rent a movie online and watch it anywhere on your phone. It's the beauty of the cloud. You can read, listen and watch all your favorite content wherever you want. No software required and no wires or synchronization is needed, and the best part – Google Play Cloud is free to use.

Share what you love
Discover, shop, enjoy and share music, movies, books and apps anywhere and anywhere. If you discover an amazing song, a nail-biting thriller or memorable movie, the first thing you want to do is share it with your friends. On Google Play, your favorite entertainment has just become easier. You can easily share posts about your favorite books, music, movies, games, or apps to your circles on Google+, Email, or Sms with a single click.

Play with music
Find music you love
Google Play has selected artists and good bands from your favorite genres. With music on Google Play, you'll find personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. And if you're not shopping for new music, rediscover your library by creating an Instant Mix.

Buy now listen now, never make sense
There are hundreds of free songs and millions more to buy on Google Play. The music you choose is automatically saved to your Google Play music library and is instantly ready to play on your computer, Android phone or tablet.

Your music anytime, anywhere
Access your Google Play music library anywhere, anytime – no synchronization, no threads. Stream music directly to the web and listen to your Android phone or tablet with the Google Play Music app. Not online? No problem. Just type your favorites on your mobile device for offline version.

Organize your music
Keep all your music in one place. Anything you get on Google Play is automatically saved in your music library, and you can even add up to 20,000 of your own songs for free. With your online music saved, you can stop worrying about storage space and enjoy your collection anywhere.

Give your friends a free listen
Part is caring. If you buy music on Google Play, you can share a free listening with your friends on Google+. And you'll get a free listen when they share what they bought with you. This part, discover and buy music made easy.

Playing with books
Finding new books
Discovering your favorite books and writers has never been so easy. With Google Play, buy the world's largest variety of e-books – from thrillers to comedy, cookbooks, best-selling fiction and everything in between. Find over 4 million books, including millions of free titles. With Google Play, your next great reading is always at your fingertips.

Buy any time anywhere
Buy on the web or on your device, find the ebooks you love, and start reading immediately. Choose from millions of titles, browse through new editions, free trial books and find the latest, upcoming authors.

Share what you love
Sharing the books you love with family and friends is just a click away. With Google Play, you can easily read your favorite to your circles on Google+, via email or text, directly from your book pages without customizing.

Your books in the cloud
With Google Play, you enjoy seamless synchronization and easy access to your devices. All your books are stored in the cloud, so your entire library is always with you, accessible from any connected device. And with offline reading, it's never easier to dive into your favorite books if you're offline, out of reach or in the air. Start reading on your tablet, continue on the web and complete that chapter on your phone. You will pick up the story, just where you left off, always on the right page.

Customize your reading experience
Read your books in any way you like them on Google Play. Easily switch between day or night, look in landscape or portrait, choose your font, text size, line height and customize your heart's content.

Playing with apps and games
There is a program for everyone
Race to the finish line. Record mark. Buy shares. Read the news. Buy movie tickets. Update your status. Personalize your phone with live wallpapers, ringtones and widgets. With over 450,000 Android apps and games, your mobile phone is truly your mobile entertainment system, organizer and portable computer that are all wrapped up.

Find new apps and games
Looking for new apps? Check out our staff pick up, hand-picked by our editorial team, browse programs by category or just search for them. You can also read reviews and ratings from other program and game users, and even add your own.

Get the latest updates
Program developers are always updating their incredible programs with new features, tools, and fixes. Google Play makes it easy to update your favorite apps. Choose & # 39; auto update & # 39; in your application settings and your app will always be updated. Or choose to update all your programs in one click. It's so simple.

Get your favorite program, anywhere
Just found a new program on the web and can not wait to try it? Install it from Google Play on the web without ever touching your device. The program you are installing is now available on the device you choose – immediately.

Play with movies
Find the movies you love
Choose from an incredible variety of thousands of movies on Google Play, including HD titles, new releases, award-winning movies or your favorite classic. Whether you're in the mood for comedy, drama, animation, action or a documentary, there's a movie that's right for you.

Watch now or later
Rent movies and watch it right away. Alternatively, download your movie to watch offline and see it later using the Google Play Movies app or view it directly on the web.

See it everywhere
Watch Google Play Movies everywhere – your bank, your friends house or in flight. If you rent a movie with Google Play, you can view it on your phone, tablet, or any web-connected computer.

What's New:

Adding icon to home screen & # 39; Setup has been removed in some situations.
Added a reminder message if automatic updates are not enabled.
Do not link more to automatically add to home screen
Subtle reminder of automatic updates
Kit programs get closer (details)
Play Protect – Increased visibility of the program scanner
Pre-registration "rewards"

★★★ MOD Lite ★★★
Languages: be and ru, uk
Architects: arm7 +
Graphics are deeply optimized
Clean manifesto
ad spaces are restored
{NEW} Added meeting with two patches: lvl via happiness and removal of the purchased application when repayment (must be tested) turn off the application security test (not asking patch patch and others like him)
Very Original Signature
Compression: Ultra + Zipalign

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Download Instructions: credit Alex.Strannik


App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.1 [Pro] – Android Applications
App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool v1.4.1 [Pro] – Android Applications

Download AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.50 [Mod Lite] – Android Applications

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.50 [Mod Lite] – Android Applications

X-plore file manager v4.00.09 [Donate]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: X-Plore is dual panel file manager with tree view, LAN / FTP / Root / Clouds and more.


● Twofold Tree View
● Root, FTP, SMB, SQL, Picasa, Zip, Rar, 7zip Explorer
● Cloud Storage Access: Google Drive ™, Dropbox,, .nz ***, SkyDrive, Webdav, Yandex.disk, Ubuntu One, Sugar Sync, Dump Truck,
● SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and SSH Shell – _http: // * **
● Application Manager
● Wi-Fi File Sharing *** – _http: //
● Manage files from a computer's web browser *** – _http: //
● Favorite folders
● Built-in viewers for video, audio, text
● Hex viewer
● Quick view viewer with zoom and move to previous / next images
● Thumbnails for images and video as well as for different file types (depending on the associated application)
● Multiple Choice – Always Available, But Not Disturbed
● View APK Files as ZIP Code
● Share – Send files through Bluetooth, Email, or whatever the device s starts, anywhere
● Configurable buttons and key shortcuts
● Seamless zip work (as if it were normal folder)

*** marked features are paid – they need donation

X-Plore allows you to see inside your Android device. And also outside.

This is a dual panel explorer, there are two folders at once, and general operation like copy copying is done from one panel to another.
And X-Plore shows the guiding hierarchy in a tree view for clear orientation and quick transition to other places.

You can check internal of the device, and if you're a power user and rooted your device, you can make changes to system data – backup files, unwanted applications, etc.

If you're a default user, you can choose to hide the internal memory of the display and make sure you do not mess with the system.
You can see the contents of mass memories on your device, or a memory USB memory.

Simple program manager can view, run, copy, share, delete, and explore installed programs.

Wifi File Sharing
Access files on your Android device from other Android devices over WiFi.

Access from a computer web browser
Manage files on your Android device from your computer.

Access to FTP and FTPS (Secure FTP) servers is supported.
Multiple servers can be configured.

X-Plore can display shared folders on other computers in LAN (Local Area Network).
The system allows access to shared folders on computers connected to LAN, or even an external server if supported by SMB protocol.

X-plore can access multiple web-storage cloud servers and access their files.
You must have an account in supported web service, then you can access your files stored online by Xplore.

Support is also SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and Terminal shell emulator.

Main operations relate to managing files and folders – view, copy, move, delete, compress to zip, extract, rename, share, and more.

Picasa Albums
X-Plore can list images in Picasa albums, download them, create albums, upload and delete photos, edit captions.

SQLite Database Viewer
X-Plore can display SQLite database files (those with .db extension) as expandable list of tables, each table containing rows and columns containing database entries.

Main interaction is done by touch screen, clicking folders or files to open files, or long-click to open context menu that contains options that can be done on specific clicked items or more selected items.
Multiple selection can run on more files once. Files can be selected by clicking on the box. It is also possible to select all files in a folder, or to make a selection by clicking the parent folder box.

Opening file can mean that one of the built-in viewer is used for popular file types: images, audio, video and text.
Or you can configure X-Plore to use system application to open files, in which case system-predefined program that can open a specific file is launched.

Archives (currently supported Zip, Rar, and 7zip) are displayed as other folders.

Additional interaction is possible by the button bar, which is between two windows, and is fully configurable.


Bug fixes

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Download instructions: Donate features unlocked | Drive Cloud Works | AOSP Compatible | Analytics disabled

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.50 [Mod Lite] – Android Applications
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.50 [Mod Lite] – Android Applications